Designing your next move.

Pivot, reposition, merge, refresh, rebrand, scale.

OMNI.X Studio is a boutique business and brand consultancy specialising in strategic transformations for service-based small-to-medium sized businesses.


Clear the marketing fog, get clarity on your target audience and messaging, and say goodbye to lacklustre growth by going back to your brand (business) foundations.

Go from winging your strategy, marketing and customer engagement to a crystalised brand strategy and an easy-to-follow road map, so that you can spend less time thinking about the business and marketing (and how to get clients) and focus on what lights you up.

An evidence-based, psychology-focused brand strategy is your north star. It will allow you to show up as your authentic self; find, serve and connect with your genuine customers, grow your business sustainably and authentically; and give you the confidence to know you’re investing your energy and resources in the right tactics. Brand strategy is the new business strategy.

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Hi, I'm Olivia Muir.

Business and Brand Strategist and Owner of OMNI.X Studio.

I call myself a dreamy combo of strategy and creative because I look at business and brand challenges holistically, from opportunities, resources, capabilities and product-market fit to reputation, perception, brand positioning, personality and the creative brand.

I’m here to do meaningful work and work with founders and businesses with this same goal. I believe this meaningful work creates ripples – little waves of impact that help to contribute to a more positive world.


Who I work with.

I work with founder-led, service-based businesses, and importantly the ones that put people at the heart of what they do. I work directly with my clients, and as a consultant and collaborator on agency brand projects.




Industry experience.

My career, projects, and clients span many service-based industries. I have education and knowledge in professional, creative and personal health services.

  • Visual Communication Design
  • Web Design
  • Photography and Videography
  • Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Advertising, Marketing & Agencies
  • Fitness and Personal Health
  • Aged Care, Disability and NDIS
  • Real Estate
  • IT and Digital Technologies
  • Events & Festivals
  • Personal Finance
  • IP Law and Trademarking
  • Leadership and Management
  • Higher Education, Training & Schools
  • Cultural Arts & Community Engagement

Brands I’ve worked with.

Some of the brands I’ve worked with through OMNI.X Studio and throughout my senior career in brand and marketing.

Get in touch.

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