How important is colour in your branding?

How memorable is a brands’ colour? Certainly, if it’s a billion-dollar brand or a household name, you’ll likely link the colour with the brand & vice versa. Seeing the brands’ colour and associating it to the brand may even trigger some memories or feelings (especially with one of the brands shown here).

But, what if you’re a small business? Is colour really that important?

Colour is a fabulous differentiator. In a sea of blue IT companies, it may pay to pick something different (but only if it fits your brand personality).

In small business, colour is important, but it won’t be your legacy.

How do you implement this thinking in your small business?

  • If you’re developing a new brand or re-branding, ensure colour is part of your conversation.
  • Audit and review competitors. What’s the go-to colours for brands in your industry?
  • Discover your brand personality (more on this another time). Are you the kind to stick to convention, exceptionally reliable, tried and tested? You might find going with the industry colour is the way to go. However, if you’re breaking new ground. If you’re innovative, and that’s part of your business DNA, you might be bold visually and select a different or polarising colour.

How did you pick your brand colour?


Olivia Muir

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I’m a passionate brand nerd who’s on a mission is to equip small businesses with the tools to bring visibility to their brand, increase their market share, and ultimately succeed in a competitive and challenging market.

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