Designing Change.

I work and the intersection of disciplines to creatively and strategically solve business challenges and deliver brand transformations for small businesses like yours.


A.K.A. my sweet spot.

Designing change is a thoughtful, evidenced, and structured (yet experimental) process. It’s a strategic reset from the inside out that maps a new direction for your business and brand and aligns your strategic foundations ready for growth.

Over my 20 years of experience, I’ve cultivated four complementary disciplines that allow me to facilitate this change and look at the whole brand – it’s my sweet spot and playground.

Working from this multi-disciplinary space means I look at your business and brand challenges holistically, from opportunities, resources, capabilities and product-market fit to reputation, perception, brand positioning, personality and the visual brand.

It’s a sweet spot of strategy and creative.






My signature offer for values-led brands.

I offer a transformation. A complete end-to-end brand transformation that is designed specifically for service-based small businesses.

I take your Brand from where you are now to where you want to be (or where you need to be) so you can find, serve and connect with your genuine customers and grow your business sustainably.

Let’s dive deep into your business and brand together and design your master blueprint strategy.


Research & Insights

This is the most important phase - it sets the direction for this project and your business.
We deep-dive into your Business and Brand and develop evidenced insights to inform the development of your strategy.

Strategy Design

Using the insights from the research, we articulate an evidence-based, psychology-focused strategy.

Creative Direction

Take your new strategy and align it with a new brand identity that perfectly reflects your re-designed business and brand. Depending on your needs, this phase might include working with a brand designer to create your visual brand identity, a copywriter and a web developer.

Launch & Brand Marketing

Communicate your change and new direction to your audience through a launch and ongoing Brand Marketing.

Not all brand consultancies are made the same.

Find out three things that make OM.NI:X different, and if you're a business owner with a local footprint, why we're your perfect fit.