Designing business strategy as brand strategy.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… “a brand is more than a logo”.

But what does this really mean? And how does business and brand strategy work as one?

At its core, your brand (business) is about your customers.

It’s about finding and serving your customers, identifying and solving a problem for them (value exchange), your competitive positioning (your unique offer), and then how you communicate this to your customers and community.

Uncovering and communicating these elements isn’t a straight, neat line from A to B, and there isn’t an online quiz that will provide all your answers. But, it’s worth the time investment, because a solid strategy is key to cultivating a successful, authentic, and sustainable brand.

Our services include four complementary offerings that form part of a specialist approach to brand transformation – designing business strategy as brand strategy.


Research and discovery is the starting point for any brand project. We offer Brand Health Assessments and Audits designed for small businesses, including desktop research and customer interviews, surveys and focus groups.


We use our six-pillar framework for Strategic Brand Management which uncovers and articulates the brand heart, true-fit customer, unique service offering, competitive positioning, brand personality and messaging, and the visual brand.


This is the strategic approach for communicating your refined brand essence to your true-fit customer. We design a strategy and roadmap to activate touchpoints, channels and tactics specific to your brand (business) needs.


I offer three and six-month brand coaching and support packages for business owners. This is a great option if you’d like to DIY your brand management process but still want the input of an expert. It’s also designed to support business owners once our project time concludes.

It's not just what we do that's different, but how we do it.

With year's of experience building and managing brands, we've crafted a unique methodology and process for facilitating brand change. It's founded in research and psychology and could be the game-changer you've been seeking. If you'd like to know more and chat without any obligation, please get in touch.


Not all brand consultancies are made the same.

Find out three things that make OM.NI:X different, and if you're a business owner with a local footprint, why we're your perfect fit.