What’s the OMNI.X special sauce?

We’ve made it easy for you to assess our points-of-difference and strengths against other brand consultants and agencies. But, we’re in the business of humans, right? Why don’t we jump on a call or meet instead?

Part of what makes OM.NI:X different is our focus on businesses with a local footprint.

We work with brands that build connections and relationships with their customers, clients and partners in real life. Personal human connection is central to your business offering, and it’s part of our DNA, so much so, it’s represented in our name. It’s what we’re good at and what sets us apart as a brand consultancy – we want to amplify the human connection and the community you build because it’s more than likely your ultimate competitive advantage. Here are three things that make us different:



If you have a business with a local footprint – physical offering, brick and mortar space, in-person community, or local presence, then OM.NI:X is what you’ve been looking for.

Online is essential, but as a business with a local footprint, you have a unique advantage of building and engaging in a local community. An omnichannel approach to brand experience is our jam – it’s what we love and what we’re good at.



We are curious beings, and we explore deep and wide, even if that means coming full circle.
We don’t ‘wing’ your strategy or base it on something that feels good. Identifying your position in the market, and deeply understanding your customers hopes and dreams, can only come through research and evidence. Evidence can come in many forms, from desktop research to customer interactions and surveys to market analysis. We take the mystery out of the process and tailor an approach for your small business. There is so much gold in our research, it's not only specific to brand work, but the rest of your business.


We blend human-centred design, psychology, and anthropology in our approach to solving brand and business challenges. A Brand (capital B) is not something we can create; a Brand is the consumers' perspective and perception of what we've created. Then, it makes sense to put customers at the centre of your brand building activities. Human-centred design is a core element of our work and is highlighted in our research and problem-solving.

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Our services include four complementary offerings that form part of a specialist approach to brand transformation – designing business strategy as brand strategy.


Why do I say ‘we’ when it’s just me?

While it is just me, Olivia Muir – I’m a sole operator. But, OM.NI:X Studio is more than just me. I work with incredibly talented creatives, from artists to designers, digital marketing gurus and app developers – whatever your project needs, so we can work at the intersection of disciplines to find the ultimate solution. Sometimes this isn’t necessary; it could just be me. But, the execution and communication of some brand transformations require other experts. This is where I can tap into my network or work with your internal team, agency or freelancer to realise an outcome.


Get to know Olivia…

Without a title or letters after my name, at my essence, I’m a thinker, innovator and creator.

For the past two decades, I’ve worked in marketing, branding, community engagement, design and sales. I’ve played in small business, non-profit, government, cultural arts, marketing agencies, and higher education, where I left my recent role as Brand and Creative Manager for the Queensland University of Technology, (QUT) to start OM.NI:X.

There are a few things that set me apart from other consultancies and agencies:


I'm a specialist, not a generalist.

I'm not a brand or marketing generalist with ala carte services. I'm laser-focused with my offering, providing efficient and consistent high-quality brand transformations. I'm able to offer this efficiency and quality because I do it day in and day out, and I love it!


I look at a brand holistically and love to work in the complementary crossover of this space – the strategy, design, experience, words, personality, communication and visuals. My love is backed up by education, with degrees in visual communication (design) and business (marketing), along with 10+ years managing brands (internally).
What this means for you is a deep and expansive approach to brand, providing an outcome that could otherwise only be achieved by engaging an agency or multiple specialists.


I have extensive experience working with small and medium-sized businesses and organisations. Part of this love is the connection and community that is built through these groups, but also the brevity of the owners to take leaps and dare to be different - something that takes big-business years to orchestrate.


My vision is to design and communicate meaningful change. To support people, projects, businesses and organisations to dream, design and communicate change which advances something greater than themselves. I have finite hours in the day, so another way I can work towards achieving this is to train, coach, educate and empower those with who I interact (in-person and online).

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